Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot


"Are you okay? Really?" -Michael
"I'm back, Michael." -Kathleen

"Look, Bell, I'm not sleeping with you." -Megan
"Who asked you?" -Michael
"Okay, I'm confused." -Megan

"This is our district. The people in it are our problem. We take that seriously because we are the last line. When social services falls apart, when the phone lines go dead, even when the cops don't show up, we come. We always come." -Michael

"Maybe she's the one you should be dating." -Megan
"Nah, that would make too much sense." -Michael

"This isn't personal. This happens everyday. It can't be personal. You have to get up now, walk back to the rig, and make some dark joke about it no one else would understand... and go on. Or not." -Michael


Written by Gregory Widen, Directed by Eric Laneuville

Guest starring Robia LaMorte, Michaline Babich, Terence Knox, Kevin Rahm.

Featuring Anita Dangler as Woman with Cat, Greg Grunberg as Paramedic #2, Charles Hoyes as DWP Guy, Kendall McCarthy as Paramedic #1, Scott Mosenson as Young Man, Maria Therese Rangel as Bud Morris, Bobbi Lee Sanders as Storeroom Clerk, Tod Thawley as Engine Firefighter, Cal Tindal as Police Officer.

Featured Musical Artists: Barenaked Ladies, Bell Book & Candle, Sarah McLachlan.