Season 1, Episode 2: Career Day


"Is he gonna fall?" -girl
"We do this all the time." -Michael
Really?" -boy
"Well, enough to get it right." -Michael

"The debate team probably had its own fan club." -Michael
"Take it from a former captain of the debate team, nobody supported us." -Kathleen
"You were on the debate team?" -Wick
"Yeah. Why do you think you never win an argument?" -Kathleen

"No, no. I am so sick of getting ten minutes here and ten minutes there. I want a date! I want a real date, with flowers and pretty and a stuck-up waiter and lobster on the menu." -Megan
"No drivethru?" -Michael
"Lobster." -Megan


Written by Jeffrey Vlaming, Directed by Kevin Hooks

Guest starring Ingrid Beer, Blake Heron, Robert Kelker-Kelly, Terence Knox, Robia LaMorte, Curt Lowens.

Co-starring Darby Hinton as 27 Driver. Featuring Pancho Demmings as Police C.D., James Ritz as Custodian.

Featured Musical Artists: Fastball.