Season 1, Episode 7: Tunnel Vision


"They want me to do Hercules Undercover?" -Wick

"Each night, you have to decide how to finish it." -Wick

"Hey, Dad, it's me, Michael. A little change of pace. I talk, you listen. Hey, you know what? As soon as you get on your feet we're taking a vacation. I'm ordering, not suggesting. You, me and mom. And this young lady I've been seeing. A nurse. You know what's funny, she's a lot like you are: smart, good at her job, works way too hard. You'd love her. It's pretty hard not to." -Bell


Written by Eric Laneuville & Melissa Baker, Directed by Eric Laneuville

Guest starring Jon Cypher, Robia LaMorte, Terence Knox, Shane Conrad, Nealla Gordon, J.T. Larsen.

Featured Musical Artists: Garbage.